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"David Leonhart is a creative soloist and an intuitive and sympathetic accompanist."

Bill Falconer,

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Jazz Music Fulfills David Leonhardt (read)
Todd Dawson, The Express Times [Apr 12, 1999]
"Leonhardt relies on emaculate timing as his hands float over the keyboard like a hushed breeze."
Departure (read)
Andrzej Pilarczyk, The Source [Feb 24, 1999]
"Incredible pianist David Leonhardt galvanized the audience into waves of applause and a standing ovation! "
Christmas albums (read)
John henry, Audiophile Audition [Nov 29, 2005]
"This new self-published CD is the best in this genre I’ve heard this season!"
Plays Gershwin (read)
William Livingstone, [Jun 26, 2002]
"Leonhardt himself enchants me."
The David Leonhardt Jazz Group Plays Gershwin, David Leonhardt, piano. (read)
Portland Jazz Reviews [Apr 20, 2002]
"Leonhardt is an engaging pianist on his own. "
Jazz For Dancers (read)
William Livingstone, [Jul 21, 2001]
"The charming, sensuous style of Leonhardt transports me to that place Baudelaire wrote about in his poems."
Plays Gershwin (read)
Lucy Galliher, [Apr 24, 2001]
"David shines on the piano, and you've got a great rhythm section that cooks"
Plays Gershwin (read)
Mark Corroto, [Apr 24, 2001]
"Gershwin when played as lovingly as David Leonhardt surely is welcome."
Plays Cole Porter (read)
Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation [Sep 26, 2012]
"“this gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.97 out of 5”."
Plays Cole Porter (read)
Susan Frances, Yahoo [Sep 26, 2012]
"“Oscillating between peaceful and joyful, David Leonhardt shows a visceral understanding of Cole Porter's mindset. Refined and relaxing, Leonhardt's new recording has a loving touch..”"
Plays Cole Porter (read)
Pierre Giroux, Audiophile Audition [Sep 26, 2012]
"“Leonhardt’s playing ... is exemplary as he covers the keyboard with devilish fashion and flair.”"
Plays Cole Porter (read)
Geannine Reid, ejazz [Sep 26, 2012]
"“What Leonhardt brings to the offering is his formidable talents as arranger, improviser, and band leader. Leonhardt truly has given these well traversed tunes a new sound. "
Stephanie Trottier, [Sep 26, 2012]
"“The David Leonhardt Jazz Group has been gaining notoriety in New York for the pianist’s swift hands and the way he draws the music out of the instrument”"
Plays Cole Porter (read)
Martin Z. Kasdan Jr., Louisville Music News [Sep 26, 2012]
"David Leonhardt is a Louisville native who has made his mark accompanying jazz greats such as Jon Hendricks and David "Fathead" Newman"
Plays Cole Porter (read)
D. Oscar  Groomes, O's Place Jazz Magazine
 [Sep 26, 2012]
"His arrangements are juicy "
Untitled (read)
Wilbert Sostre, jazz Times [Sep 26, 2012]
"Leonhardt’s well constructed improvisations"
Leonhardt’s piano is everywhere it should be (read)
Bob Gish, Jazz Improv Magazine [Nov 29, 2005]
" It’s a pleasure to come home to The David Leonhardt Jazz Group’s Santa’s bag full of traditional and familiar musical presents delivered in this far from ordinary CD."
A wonderful array of music for the glorious occasion of Xmas. (read)
Albert Khalis Pride, The Jazz Nation [Nov 29, 2005]
"I am loving your new CD, "I'll be Home For Christmas""
Cadence Review (read)
Cadence Magazine [Nov 29, 2005]
"They know just how much to twist a tune to brighten it up."
Christmas album with a personal twist! (read)
Richard Bourcie, Jazz Review .com [Nov 29, 2005]
"In the humble opinion of this reviewer, I'll Be Home For Christmas is the tastiest holiday album in recent years."
I'll Be Home for Christmas is classic in every sense of the word (read)
Carol Swanson, Christmas Reviews .com [Nov 29, 2005]
"Jazz aficionados will flip! "
I'll Be Home For Christmas (read)
George W. Carroll, The Musicians' Ombudsman [Nov 29, 2005]
"If you could rate CD reviews by kisses, I would have my lip marks all over this disc."
Christmas show (read)
Dr. Gerry Grzyb, Christmas show [Nov 29, 2005]
"WOW it is indeed "a great holiday release"."
David Leonhardt's recommended Christmas album (read)
Jim Santella, All About Jazz [Nov 29, 2005]
"He fashions each interpretation so that it stands out as an improvised work that the group can explore thoroughly."
In The Moment (read)
Steven Loewy, All Music Guide to Jazz [Nov 29, 2005]
"David Leonhardt once again shows why he is so well regarded among his peers!"
In The Moment (read)
Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer [Nov 29, 2005]
"a trio that plays a strong blend of Cadillac swing, full of long lines and swirling licks that give pleasure without pain. "
In The Moment (read)
Herb Young, International Association of Jazz Record Collectors [Nov 29, 2005]
"He is his own man, not a copist. "
Plays Gershwin (read)
Herb Young, International Association of Jazz Record Collectors [Nov 29, 2005]
"This compact disc can rank up there with the best of them. "
tight, well-rehearsed trio (read)
Steven Loewy, All Music Guide [Aug 24, 2003]
"Pianist David Leonhardt once again shows why he is so well regarded among his peers."
Jazz For Kids (read)
Jazz Podium Germany [Apr 24, 2003]
"Jazz For Kids is well done. Not just for kids!"
Jazz For Kids (read)
Karl Stark, The Philadelphia Inquirer [Apr 24, 2003]
"Many parents would love to find a way to interest their children in jazz."
Jazz For Kids (read)
Frank Rubolino, Cadence [Apr 24, 2003]
"...upbeat, straight-ahead style!"
Fantastic Jazz Concert (read)
Scranton Times [Jan 13, 2003]
"...a staple of the New York jazz scene."
Plays Gershwin (read)
Daniel Shearer, Time Off [Jun 10, 2002]
"We got a great response from the album..."
World Class Jazz (read)
Kathleen Daminger, Lancaster New Era [Feb 28, 2002]
"..this jazz man’s performance is a bit different than most..."
A Grand Night For Jazz (read)
The Intelligencer [Apr 13, 2001]
"Leonhardt filled the air with the velvety tones and toe tapping melodies that would have made Gershwin nod with approval."
Deer Head Jazz (read)
Bill Falconer, [Sep 24, 2000]
"David Leonhart is a creative soloist and an intuitive and sympathetic accompanist."
Plays Gershwin (read)
Dave Nathan, All About Jazz [Jun 24, 2000]
"It is the lyrical pianism of David Leonhardt which lifts this album."
A Time For Love - piano and vocal duets (read)
The Note [Apr 24, 2000]
"How wonderful romantic American standards can sound when lovingly performed."
A Time For Love - piano and vocal duets (read)
Cadence Review of Jazz & Blues [Sep 1, 1998]
"If I should be so lucky as to stumble into a piano bar with these folks purveying songs, I'd stay till closing"
A Time For Love - piano and vocal duets (read)
Pete Pappalardo, Pocono Record [Mar 1, 1998]
"A collection of standards with an elegant simplicity and impeccable scoring that gently recommends the songs to the listener's attention."
Reflections (read)
The Laser Disc Gazette [Feb 24, 1996]
"Pensive, sultry, mellow jazz, played boldly"
Reflections (read)
David Zych, Jazz Times [Jun 1, 1995]
"The result? Total success. It is one of Leonhardt's finest offerings."
Reflections (read)
Das Musikmagazin, Germany [Apr 24, 1995]
"Leonhardt play so sensitively that each tone resounds with a fresh coloration."
Reflections (read)
The Philadelphia Inquirer [Feb 1, 1995]
"Reflections has lots of crystalline moments; the trio shoot for beauty and often achieve it."
Departure (read)
Jazziz [Jul 1, 1993]
"What each of these artists have in common is a love melody, precisely what Leonhardt brings to the table on his impressive debut as leader, Departure."
Super Concert lives up to billing at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival (read)
Randal McIlrov, Winnipeg Free Press
"Leonhardt was just astounding on piano."
Leonhardt moves to center stage (read)
Curt Yeske, Trenton Times
"Yet the 37-year-old native of Louisville had an artistic yearning for something more..."
Leonhardt is doing just fine in the jazz world (read)
Gene Williams, Louisville Courier-Journal
"...Leonhardt chuckled as he recalled his audition with Jon Hendricks..."
Reflections (read)
The Abso!ute Sound
"There's an urgency, an intimacy that both invites and demands that one listen to the rest"
Reflections (read)
Tim Blangger, Disc Reviews
"In the liner notes, Leonhardt writes that many of these tunes were recorded on the first takes; that freshness comes across."
Departure (read)
Sid Gribetz
"A fine debut as a leader by the experienced pianist who's already made a name for himself"
Departure (read)
Cadence Review of Jazz & Blues
"He has a sensitivity and ease that puts him in the same category as Kenny Barron and Roland Hanna."
Playing Music Without Limits (read)
The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre
"Influenced by artists such as Miles Davis and intrigued by the idea of musical improvisation, he knew right away he'd found a new love."
Jazz All-Stars Coalesce at Lafayette College (read)
Tim Blangger, The Morning Call, Allentown
"True to his intentions, pianist David Leonhardt gathered together four other all-star jazz players Wednesday night at Lafayette College."
Leonhardt and "Fathead" Newman (read)
George Kanzler, The Star Ledger
"The tunes that Leonhardt's trio played prior to Newman taking the stage got the crowd up and moving."
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